Meet Riley{face}

This is Riley. Dog #1. Huge dork. Smart, and ridiculously dumb all at once. You might see a lot of pictures of this and my other dog (Princess Meika) on the blog, as they are too fun to photograph, and I don’t have any kids to annoy {yet}. Denver doesn’t let me post pictures of him, although you would probably be quite amused.

The great thing about this picture, is it completely does his personality justice.  He’s such a bobblehead.


Alex & Ashley {Hitched in Wyandotte}

Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of  one wonderfully fun couple, Alex and Ashley.  Their love and respect for each other is inspiring, to say the least.  Their early November wedding went wonderfully.  We had PERFECT weather…strange for Kansas, but we all got very lucky!  Everyone was so accommodating, which made my job so easy and fun!

I didn’t even mean for the photo on the left below to be in the running, it was just something I snapped as they were walking back inside, but I LOVE the sassiness of it.  It made me laugh so I had to include it!

I absolutely ADORE the images below!  I have another one with Ashley and her father that is probably my favorite image of the whole day, but I think I’m going to wait until the gallery is ready to post it 😉

The picture below I could NOT resist posting, it was probably one of the cutest moments of the whole day (and believe me, with this little kiddo, there were a LOT).  We asked him to kiss Ashley’s cheek, and with this adorable little attitude, he goes “Ugh, I CANT, she’s marrying ALEX today!”  So instead, we asked what would happen if she kissed him…and this is what did.  🙂




New Referral Program!

INTRODUCING: New Referral Program! I want to reward my clients as much as possible, so I am implementing a program where you can benefit from referring your friends and family to me. For every person/family you refer to me and completes a session, your account will receive $20 in credit! It can be used towards a session fee OR future print credit, and there is NO limit to how much you can earn. Start spreading the word! ♥

Backdrop System

Finally came up with a backdrop system!  I was so tired of having all of them wrapped up in tubes, partly because they got wrinkled and partly because I’d have to take them out to figure out what they were.  SO, I decided to go with grommets.


Denver, (this guy —->), helped me out, as I’m not so tool-savvy, but I got the hang of it!  Now I just need to beg him to make me a wall hanger for these drops.  He loves doing that kind of stuff, so hopefully this weekend!

Here are a few of my drops with the grommets.

Super excited to get the project finished!